Student Technology Support

Tuesday and Thursday
& 1:00PM-4:00PM

In Rooms 108, 109, 116 and 123

If you are seeking Virus Removal, please back up all important documents, pictures, music, etc. before bringing in PC for service.

*All offices are closed during the College’s Weekly Chapel Service every Tuesday from 11:00am-12:00pm

You must create a helpdesk ticket first submit as well as fill out the ISTD Student Technology Support Form by clicking this link:

Additional Tips for Navigating through the Wildcat Network

To Access Wildcat Email:
1. Go to
2. Click on Student Email link (bottom of the screen)
3. Log in with your email credentials using Gmail.
4. You will be connected!

To Access Wiley JICS:
1. Go to (or for a direct link to JICS, go to
2. If you chose to go to, click on JICS (bottom of the screen)
3. Enter your JICS credentials and you will be connected!

To View your Unofficial Transcript, Schedule, Degree Audit and other Academic Information:
1. Go to JICS using the instructions above
2. Click on the Students tab
3. Click on “Your Academic Information” (left hand panel)
4. Click on the link of your choice to access the information
NOTE: While inside any of the links for your academic information, at the bottom of each screen, there is a “Printable” option. Click on this link if you want to print the information you are viewing.

To reset your email password or receive other technical support:
1. Go to JICS using the instructions above
2. Click on the Tech Support Service tab
3. To reset your password, click on Password Reset. You MUST enroll in the password reset program prior to signing up for the service. Failure to do so will affect proper functionality of this service.
4. To receive technical support, click on Technical Service or Help Desk to read more information about contacting ISTD.

To reset your JICS password:
1. Go to JICS (you must be logged in to JICS in order to use this function)
2. Click on Personal Info (located beside the “log in” boxes)
3. Click on Password
4. Change your password to JICS here
NOTE: If you need your password reset and cannot log into the system, please submit a help desk ticket by going to the Wiley website and clicking on IT Help Desk (located at the bottom of the screen).

Wiley Network Authentication
1. Open the Internet Browser (preferably using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) and you will be redirected to the Wiley College Wireless Network Authentication Logon portal.
2. Type in your address & when prompted enter your email address and password & press Submit.
3. Once successful, close this browser session and start a new one. You have successfully connected to the wc-wildcats network!
4. Contact the help desk if you have any issues.